A downloadable game for Windows

Co1or Sp3ctrum it´s a 3rd person Top-Down Shooter game which its main core mechanic is to change colours to defeat your enemies. 

This game is located in a dystopian future where 3 companies rule the world, the group of this three companies is called CMY because each one has a unique colour franchise; cyan, magenta and yellow. The people who live in this world is immersed in an Augmented Reality controlled by the three companies. And when you born you are assigned to one of these companies so you can only buy or interact with the colour you are assigned to, supervised by IAs, who take the role of the police in the AR world.

You are an AI modified by an anonymus hacker who wants to free the world from the control of the companies, looking for a place where the people is free to choose without any restrictions made by the companies. 

As a modified AI you can change your color to move freely in the city and defeat the enemy AIs, shooting them with a bullet of a diferent colour.


  • Change the color of your character to the 3 colors (CMY)
  • Use a variety of weapons to defeat your enemies
  • Pass through obstacles of your color
  • Defeat a variety of enemies
  • Frenetic gameplay

Install instructions

Use the .exe and enjoy it ^^


Co1or Sp3ctrum.zip 790 MB